Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More of my Sass & Bide story

I had posted the Sass and Bide Harness and didn't really get into the story of my purchase. I found this cutey on Ebay. I am always looking for really edgy and different looks.. This is one of those things. I live in Texas where we have really mild winters. We are known to still be wearing shorts and flip flops in December. The other bad thing is that we also do not have the world of fashion as people do in New York, California and other major cities. So I look at the celebrity websites to see who is wearing what and where they got it. My major website is called Outfid ID. If I see Jennifer Aniston wearing a skirt I like then I troll Ebay to find it. I purchased a Balenciaga Jacket she wears on her Elle magazine spread. It's a great Jacket. I will post it in a few. It was $2000.00 but! Well worth it to me. Another piece I will NEVER sell. So if your crafty and a smart shopper you will find a great bargain. I have some awesome things to share. Thanks for stopping by.

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