Sunday, September 19, 2010

My modern nightstands

These are the nightstand/drawers. The headboard is pretty long it stretches all the way to the other side of the bed which looks just like this.The designer of this bed was really, really nice. He had this bed for sale on Ebay  and it didn't sell the first time. So, I sent him an email and asked if he'd sell it to me and he said "Yes"! So it came down from New York in a UPS truck. Came in many boxes. He made a video for me. A step by step on how to turn all of those pieces into this amazing bed. I'm very proud of this find. He sent all the hardware and labeled everything for me. It's a huge solid piece. It's a platform and it's not moving from this spot. I love my bed. Zzzzzzz.

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