Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beautiful day:)

Happy Thursday :)
Starting another day. Hoping I won't have a bad day like yesterday. But who knows. Life sometimes is strange and we must just be grateful to be here. Anywho! My outfit for today, It's a really cute top "Made in France" got it from Anthropologie, It's white and looks like those frilly shirts from Mexico. My jeans are cuffed Calvin Klein...Yeah I know! But they are comfy. And My Juicy Couturechain Flats. I am not really skinny, but I'm average a size 6 and also a size 6 in shoes. Although I can wear a 4. Depends on the dress. J. Crew dresses in a 6 are a bit too big .So is Banana Republic. For some reason their clothes swim on me :( So! I scored me some really nice Rick Owens finds. You'll have to wait and see them. And so will I. Waiting on my favorite mailman, He always drops of my great buys at my door step. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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