Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Closet peek and Closet clean out

This is just a small peek into some of my clothing. I am going to be doing some closet cleaning today. I have a really simple taste, I guess you could say. I don't believe in the theory that you have to spend thousands of dollars on an outfit to look great. Like I've said on here I get some stuff on E bay. But there are things that I pay retail for because I am not one to wait a year to have the look of last year. Plus, I am a size 6. They sell out pretty quick. I am going to start to put SOME of my summer stuff away.Although here in Texas we have great weather.We usually still wear shorts in December. But I am also looking forward to wearing my boots the Steve Madden "Roady" They are so much fun. I also have a pair of black Prada boots that look great with leggings. I purchased a Balenciaga Jacket that set me back about 2 grand. But! I will own it Forever.Planning out my strategy for this fall and winter. But again Just keep it simple inexpensive and look & feel good.

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