Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Sunwashed dots shirtdress and Much more! I LOVE E BAY!

I have my Dress! I know it's lame posting it this way. But I don't have the shoes that I am looking for yet. So won't be wearing it anytime soon. Plus it was cold today and I stayed in. Had a lot to do. But I received this dress and a Rick Owens Black skirt. I know you see me mention him. He is a great designer but he is quite expensive so I purchase him in small doses. I am going to hold of on some spending to squirrel away money for the holidays. But until then I am awaiting the arrival of the bougainvillea cardigan, An Anthropologie  Manoush  Jacket,  A pair of Seychelles shoes.  Purchased 2, J. Crew Cardigans. One is  gray with white polka dots, The other is a yellow/ gold all of that on Ebay. Most NWT. I think that's all for now. Hopefully I can keep my promise to myself that I won't spend anymore money.

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