Monday, December 27, 2010

Pitter - Patter of Dusty Begonias And Moonglow Mary Janes Last Pair!!

This is what I ended up buying this weekend. I guess everybody was busy with Christmas. I was bored. If you can believe that on Christmas?? Hmm?? I was just sitting around and decided to check out the Anthropologie website to see if I could score me some shoes. I really wanted the Anticipation heels but as usual the small sizes are always gone :(  Bad luck I guess.Well, This is what I purchased. I actually got the last pair of Moonglow shoes. The last ones!! I couldn't believe it. I am actually expecting them to tell me they don't have them. I've been reading how some people order shoes and or clothing then their orders get cancelled so we shall see. But for now these were my finds. I am really hoping to get these. I made a Polyvore of what I think would be a great way to wear the Moon glow shoes. I have this dress and the necklace, Just need the shoes and the rest <3

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  1. Ha! I made an ill-conceived order just before Christmas, and the whole thing was cancelled (4 items)...glad you received them!