Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Grinch is here :/ But I am also giving Thanks

The Grinch has come to visit. I am grouchy!  I have been pitching a fit these past few weeks about something silly. But some of you girls will relate. I have been waiting and wanting a particular skirt and No one but no one will sell it :(   There is a website I visit and I go on there to see if it's for sale. But so far no luck. I am really sounding petty aren't I? There are so many other things that I should be worried about besides a skirt. There are families out there that have no money, No jobs. and are probably losing their homes and probably will not even be having a Christmas.Little boys and girls that won't have Santa come to their homes.That makes me sad. So, Instead of whinning about clothing, Sales and other stuff that in the long run won't matter.I should be Thankful for a roof over my head, A nice warm bed to sleep in and a wonderful family. I have great friends and my little family is awesome. So yes! I'm grouchy/ Grinchy but most of all This Christmas I will be Thankful for the fact that I have more than materialistic stuff in my closet and blog about things that in a year or so won't matter. If anyone reads this let me know what you are Grinchy or Thankful for. I will try to drown my sorrows in egg nog. And Thank God that I am here and Healthy :)  P. S. The dentist visit went well, After downing some Xanax, I was feeling no pain!! I have  "The Best" Dentist on the planet. Dr. Riley.....You are the coolest! Thanks for drilling my tooth and making me a great smile. Kuddos to you!!

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