Thursday, December 30, 2010

OOTD J. Crew

Today was a J. Crew day, I love this outfit(s). It was a really warm day. Actually a bit too warm for my cardigan but oh well, Who's gonna say anything it's winter. My little helper wasn't here to take my picture I had to do the mirror trick. I should get on the ball like the rest of the blogger's and do it myself. I just need a tripod. I am wearing the cute! And my favorite."The famous" J. Crew Reindeer T shirt from this season. Now I wish a had purchased 2. Abstract Lattice Pencil Skirt. and my  J. Crew Traversa Cardigan in the nutmeg color.Paired with my Target open toe pumps. I decided later in the day to wear my chartreuse colored sweater because it's a lighter feel. I'm hoping our winter will be mild. I hate Winter.I'm a Spring, Summer type of person. But my favorite season is Fall. I am happily waiting for the spring so I can wear all of my favorite outfits that are better worn when it's warm. Although I have to say I do like wearing winter boots. Texas is pretty warm and the only boots other than my winter boots are my other boots....Yeah, You guessed right ( cowboy ) Well, Giani Binni Cowboy boots. I'm not that hard core.


  1. Aaa! I love this outfit and wish I could recreate it, but alas, I never could get my hands on that skirt :( I actually quite like the way the mirror shot turned out!

  2. Thanks Tara, I'm not as gifted as you all are. I'm just here to have some fun and hopefully someone will like.:)

  3. cowboy boots rock! i love them....i have waaayyy to many pairs :0)