Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OOTD They call it Mellow Yellow

 Went on the Effortless Antropologie website and saw that Roxy had posted the sale.And all of the items that went on sale and their prices. I was all into it ready to get my dress and again they  had sold out of it online. I have been chasing this for a long time. "The  Lucillae dress"  :(  Woke up got dressed, and headed to the store. Really excited and ready to spend. I spent... but my money went to Fort Worth!!

I have been waiting and waiting for this Lucillae dress though. Every time I walk in there I look for it and there it is hanging on the wall. Practically mocking me. Not on sale!!!.I saw one a few weeks ago for $69.95 my heart stopped for a second. Then I looked at the size and was sad to see it was a 2 .I asked the salesgirl are there more? She said no. She informed me that there was some damage to it and that is why it was on the sales rack. But I got mine today. I'll have to wait awhile. But since it's so close I'll get it sooner than not. As you can see I am not a patient one.

A little history about my city San Antonio. Every year in April we have what we call "Fiesta" We go all out. School lets out early and everyone heads downtown to the Day parade. And at night it's The Carnival,  Then we have a Night Parade, A River walk Parade which consists of river floats and well, It's really great living here. what can I say, It's Fiesta!! Our city is always celebrating something.  This is where I am planning on wearing The "Lucillae" during fiesta which by the way coinsides with the beginning of spring. I love the  Mexican flair to it.The bright Yellow, Red and the delicate lilac blossoms had me swooning. I am in love with the red belt. It's thin but really makes the dress for me. Now it's on for the perfect shoes to wear. Happy hunting for me.

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