Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ruffled Plaid Dress & Turtle Belt From Anthropologie

Well, I did it. I returned the skirt. And alas! I found the dress that I made a Polyvore with. I checked on the website and saw that there were no more of these dresses left. So, When I went to my local Anthropologie store and decided to exchange the skirt for maybe a skirt or a sweater.Then I found the dress. I practically heard angels sing. There it was, Wedged between two size 2's. O.M.G! I grabbed it. It is beautiful. Now to decide how to bring it together. I also bought the Leather turtle belt. The girl at Anthropologie had told me they were sold out.  But then she remembered there may have been some Returns. And yes, There it was. My turtle belt. The doggie belt was cute but I had to have a turtle.Maybe Next time around. Also looking forward to finding way's of wearing the cutie now.

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