Saturday, January 22, 2011

De Chelley's Kind of day

Turtles new friend got him today too! $29.95
New Shoes :)
De Chelley Day !
Hi My Few Ladies, Went to my local outside mall.  Called La Cantera.It's beautiful...But was a bit chilly out tonight. Went to the Anthropologie store to see if I could score me the De Chelley dress because they sold out online. Well, They had plenty.I found the dress in my size and I found a companion for my turtle belt. He looks like a Bulldog? He's adorable.$29.95. I paid $58.00 for Turtle. I wasn't looking to buy him. But he literally fell on the floor when I went to look at the skirts. Weird right? I guess he liked me.The sales girl asked if there were more. And I told her "No that was it" she was pretty bummed.She said she's wished she had known he was back there and would have purchased him for herself. But I am happy that I bought him. He's a buddy now for my turtle. Then! I purchased the Wingspan shoes in the blue. I am still waiting for my Oxfords to arrive. Let me know what you scored this week. I have a small wish list and am trying to be super ubber patient not wanting everything I see. I am going to post all of my faves. But for today I think I did pretty Good.


  1. So jealous you have those animal belts! I love them, but didn't manage to get one! Good find on the shoes too...

  2. Hi Sarah, Thanks..Although it was a mere coincidence it was a welcome one. Things like this is few and far between :) Hey! Congrats on the skirt....I got an email. Enjoy it in good health. If you ever spot another one let me know.

  3. Those are all wonderful pieces! Great scores. I'm especially envious of your Wingspan Heels :) Anyway, I hope you enjoy them and get to wear these often in the months to come!

  4. Thank you Anjali. Although I have to say. Coming from you that's a compliment. i follow you and LOVE all of your great dresses! And shoes of course. I loved your cherries dress. The cutest!