Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OODD Not quite like the model, But that's okay

This is what I wore today, Except for the Romantic pose and the pants. The models always look so beautiful. Don't think anyone can ever look that good.So I try to at least look my best, Except I'm wearing jeans. I don't really wear very many pants.  We did have a really beautiful day today. Yay! I really love warm weather. I don't know if you can see it. I always incorporate it into some of my Polyvores. I'm wearing my most treasured pieces of Jewelry ( besides my engagement ring ) And it happens to be my Jennifer Meyer Leaf necklace. I adore it. I really never take it of unless necessary. Which is usually to clean it and then goes back on.

I had some much needed groceries to get today as the supplies were running low. Took my car to the car wash HE looked nasty. So now I can be seen in a nice clean car. So!  Not to change the subject but what cuties do you have around that make you smile? This is one of my faves.Love the top and the way they paired it with this particular belt. A great marriage I think. I plan on  wearing this belt a whole lot this coming spring / summer with all of my shirt dresses. I just scored me some new to me finds. I am really into the collection of vintage Anthropologie. Also, I got my Birthday card in the mail today. It say's. What's in the stars for you Aquarius? The cutest blue cloth envelope covered with a splash of stars and a Star button to close it. Awesome!! What will I get with it? Don't know yet, There are so many pieces that I want. But this time I think I will be getting me some tops. 2 in particular that I am already stalking. Told the better half to get his wallet ready :) It's funny but he loves my finds and actually cheers me on to win them at times. He's sweet. Anyway ladies, Hope you all had a lovely day.....I know I did.


  1. That is such a pretty combination, and I think it looks great on you as well :) And you're right, that belt will totally serve you well with spring and summer dresses. I'm craving it now for myself as well!

    Have fun deciding how to splurge with your birthday discount! And let us know you get! =)

  2. Oh Anjali :) Your always so sweet...Well, I subscribe to your blog so I get a dose of your beautiful outfits.I LOVED the one you wore today. And I got Lucky with the belt. Hope you can score one. It's definitely Delicious :)