Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wet, rain and cold Again!!

When is winter leaving? I hate it! I see all other bloogers with their cute outfits and some even have sunshine. Our weather has been really cloudy and soupy lately :(  I hate that. I can't wear anything. Because it's wet I can't wear nice shoes. I can't wear a dress. So I've been stuck in Jeans and my Uggs lately. So in my boredom I've been reading other people's blogs which are awesome. And here I am with no picture and hating the Winter. I am so excited to see the sun it's not even funny. I don't know how people up north do it. I guess I am just spoiled with Texas weather. Hmph!


  1. Ha ha! I guess I just have to get used to the idea every year of spending 6 months in tights, wearing crappy boots outside and storing up a selection of indoor shoes at work that go with a variety of outfits! On the other hand, I'm realizing I have such a backlog of wintry dresses and skirts that it almost seems too soon until springtime now...
    It's true that the kind of in-between weather you get is probably the hardest to dress for in that sense!
    However I would like to see some sun soon too...

  2. No Kidding! But you always look great.You make it look so easy.Maybe I'm just lazy. But I suppose winter has it's good points.Tights, boots, layering that we can't so during spring and summer. So maybe I should just stop whining and enjoy :) But it has been at least a week of no sun. ew!