Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cat ( Mint ) Woman

Catmint Dress
Box Step Seychelles
Hi Ladies,
 Hope all of you had a nice relaxing Saturday. I went to Anthropologie and Purchased 2 items that  were on sale. One was totally something I had on my wishlist. The other was an impulse buy but I think it is the perfect summer dress.It's not one of the more popular ones but I think I can do loads of stuff with it.  I am going to hold of on letting you know what they are :) Hehe..
They have the nicest SA's At Anthropologie they are always really sweet. I met Ruthie today. She was really helpful and went out of her way to engage in conversation and actually answered all of my questions. That is really nice. SO! This is what I wore today. It was pretty warn outside almost summer like. I wanted to wear this dress with Yellow. I adore Yellow. It's such a happy color and always stands out no matter what. I paired the dress with the J. Crew Maya Cardigan & the Seychelles Box Step Pumps. I purchased these online from a shop called Lola's. They were pretty pricey but worth every penny. They are TTS. They add so much to any outfit. I had been trolling the inter-webs for these puppies like a fiend! Seychelles has the best shoes.Not to change the subject. But I am. I have an  obsession right now and I have to admit I am a little ashamed to tell you what it is but here goes.I am Dying! to own a pair of shoes by Valentino. Don't know the name but see them on Chloe from  The Chloe Conspiracy all the time. Grrrr!!!!!! I am so Jealous. The $800.00 and change price tag is what is keeping me away. I am going to wait and see if I can find a pair of Knockoff's although I have to say. I am not the Knockoff type. The are selling out like Pancakes *Sigh* A girl can dream can't she?? I had to buy a new laptop today. Mine is literally being held together with duck tape! I am serious. The Boxer puppies I own hit the screen and dropped the screen all the way down backwards landing on my bed. So there goes Mr. Valentino's  money. :(  I will take pics so you can see the Old & the New  computers, I bet your going to laugh at me.  I have been squirreling my money like nobody's business to get this new Laptop. I purchased anHP. It is SAWEET!! Have a wonderful Happy Sunday!


  1. So pretty! I really like the yellow and blue together. Seychelles is one of my favorite shoe brands. Every pair I own is super cute and comfortable. LOL at your computer being held together by duct tape! Definitely time for a new one! I can't wait to see what you pick up today.....

  2. Just left your blog,LoL!! Great minds think alike! Loved, Loved your post. Yep!! The pups did a number on it. You know ( The naughty stuff ) This was one of them. Bad babies. But I got some cute stuff will post soon :)