Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Day with Elodie Lilly

Hi Guys! :) Well, I had a totally different outfit planned out. The Leggings were no where  to be found and it was a tad too cold for my Elliot destroyed Boyfriend Jeans. So there went that idea. So, I decided on this outfit. I had the worse case of the static cling though. I did the Bounce sheet deal and I have to say, When I left the house it was working. But as soon as I got back See for yourself.  It's annoying with the tights.  This is what I  am wearing my Pretty Elodie Cardigan with my Tria Sweater Skirt and the Anthropologie Soft Bow Belt. a Tank I purchased at Anthropologie by Michael Stars.And the tights are from Target. Have been wanting to wear these together for a long time. I even Have a polyvore of the outfit but haven't been able to get it done till today. I paired the outfit with the shoes that best matched the sweater and to me it was the Renessaer Shoes. They are pretty close to the color of the sweater...Not exactly but close. Love this combo. Might work another outfit with this skirt before the Spring comes along and can no longer pull of the sweater skirt. Have a Happy Friday Ladies :)


  1. Gabby, I love your outfit today! The Elodie cardigan is such a great piece. The colors you chose work so well together:)

  2. Thanks Kristin :) I really like this cardigan. Sad part is Spring is coming up. Hope I can at least get away with wearing it a few more times during cool nights in the spring.