Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OODD - Stratified Dress and Sleepless In Seattle

Didn't like the tights
Isn't the bow cute?
Good Tuesday Ladies! How are you doing today? This is what I decided to wear. An Oldie from Anthropologie. I Love the bow. Feels like something from the Victorian days when they wore those bustle dresses. Of course not quite as beautiful. The problem is that I didn't want to drown out the dress by wearing Gray tights that I wore these and now they seem ugly. I feel Dorky.
I think I should have put more thought into this one :( But we were in a rush and this was the result. It was a bit colder today. We have a saying here in Texas " Wait 5 minutes the weather will change " That is so true and frustrating at the same time. One day it's flip flops or cute shoes. then the next it's whip out the boots and coats. Very inconsistent.
We went to eat at a restaurant called the Alamo cafe. It's pretty good. This is the Place.  We Had fajitas....Man It sounds like that's all I eat is Mexican food.For some reason I've been craving it.  They are famous for them and their Great Tortillas. Oh, And they have the best Margaritas in town too. Don't drink very much personally but I've had some here and there. They also have great Flan if you know what that is :) 

Now I'm home and just finished watching Sleepless in Seattle. Hope you all had a great day and a have a great evening. And as usual Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Pretty dress! I love the bow:)

    I had mexican food for dinner (burritos made at home). Your fajitas sound really good, as does the flan (yummmmmmmm).

  2. Kristin :) I bet yours was way better. I've seen your breakfast :) I think I am going to try my usual Asian food. I am Asian inside I think. I am in love with that food!! Thanks about the dress, it's an oldie but I have been trying to spend a little less and recycle some old stuff.