Thursday, February 24, 2011

Out With The Old and In with the New

My beat up, Ducked tape old Laptop
New HP Laptop
This is my Laptop with the Duck Tape *frown*  How pathetic is that? but He has been a great laptop. I wish I could donate it to Goodwill but I'm afraid that's not even possible. They'd laugh at me! So I am just going to take it and maybe donate what's left of it to those computer Recycle places. Of course I'll remove my Hard drive first. They may be able to either fix this or use parts that are still good. Now I am pretty broke, I'll have to sacrifice some Anthropologie Loved pieces but This was a MUST. Do you feel my pain ladies? Boo Hoo But I bought This new HP!

I have a really exciting Find to share with you but I have to wait because I just acquired it today and won't be here for a while. NO, It's not the Peppermint Swirl Shoes that you've already heard me whine about. But I think it's one of those awesome finds that we only score every once in a while. I'll give you a small hint. It's an older Anthropologie  piece. Anyway, My OOTD is this outfit. J. Crew Jaipur Blouse and the Anthropologie Bright Button Trousers. I am wearing my Alex Wedges. And I am a big time lover of Sashes...Love, Love them. They make me feel really feminine sometimes. I think belts sometimes make even jeans look too stuffy. A sash brings in a bit of feminine flare. So know that you will probably see me wearing them a lot. So that's it for today. I am going to start visiting My favorite blogs. And leaving my small comment. have a Great Friday and Smile :)
Turned out to be a nice day


  1. Oh, your poor old laptop! Lol at the duct tape! I totally understand about having to spend money on "needs" instead of "wants". It's not fun, but it has to be done! I can't wait to see what your new find is! Have a good night:)

  2. Hi Girlie :) yeah, I know. Totally needed one. I told you you'd laugh! Isn't it so sad though. But now I have a new one and appreciate that I can now Blog away! You have a Great weekend with your sweet pup and your Love <3

  3. Hi Gabby, that laptop received a whole lotta love :) And ohhhh, I feel your pain.
    btw how is the new laptop?
    And as for your Anthro find, I'm sure I'll be blown away since I COULD NOT BELIEVE you scored the much coveted Fulmar Skirt. Have a good weekend! xx

  4. Hi Lisa ! Happy to hear from you. The new laptop is great. I still have my old one. Having a hard time letting go :/ is that bad? But I'm super happy to have my new one :) And my find is awesome. My man got it for me :) said " you get it and don't worry about the price" wow! That's all he had to say. Now, not wealthy... I have to save my money. Hence, E Bay is one of my money savers. But my find is great. Can't wait to share. Talk to you soon :)

  5. ooooh...what can it be...

    I like the soft seventies vibe of this outfit!

  6. Hi Sarah, Glad your back on your blog :) Loved the New look. I think this outfit is kinda 70's too. Felt really nice wearing it too. I wear Jeans and these were super comfy.