Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pastels and Fulmar

Well, Here is my Fulmar Sweater Skrit. Finally got to wear it today. The weather is cool but not super cold. About 65 Degrees. I am wearing it with my Tri Belt from J. Crew with my Brown Suede shoes from UO. I really like thier shoes there. I purchased them In  a really pretty Green, Brown and their famous Red / Orange. I like the Gray ones too. The J. Crew top is just like the one is Polyvored but in the pastel pink. Polyvore doesn't always have the Stuff that I need and own on there. But this is it. I went shopping  at Anthropologie but didn't see anything I really liked. Waiting for certain things to go on sale. I really want 2 things that's it. I saw some more things that are coming up in the spring and have to say WOW!!! Get ready with the wallets. But for now it's a waiting game. My Birthday is Monday! The day for love <3 Hope you all have a great day planned with your sweeties, It's kind of a hassle. It's my Birthday but it's usually Valentines Day so a lot of the time it's super crowded when going to my Birthday dinner.My sweet one always takes me to what we have here as "The Tower of the Americas" Which is a restaurant that you dine at it's exactly 700 feet up in the air. Like the space Needle only bigger also has a bar, And also an observation deck.  The restaurant  rotates while you are having your dinner. It takes a whole hour to rotate all the way around. We usually have Steak and Lobster and what they call Lava Cake at the end with Coffee. Yum! It's amazing. We have had many adventures through out the years going up there. Really funny stories, But I'll follow it up on Monday. Don't want to jinx it. Goodnight and have a great weekend !


  1. Geez, so jealous of that skirt! It looks great on you and goes so well with top you included in Polyvore. Oh, and how sweet that your birthday falls on Vday!

  2. Love the Fulmar skirt on you! It looks really nice with the soft pink top. "The tower of the Americas" sounds really nice. I can't wait to hear all about your birthday dinner:)

  3. Hi Dea, Thank You! I love this skirt, I'd live in it if I could. And Yes, My BDay Falls on Valentines Day. Don't know what My Sweet one has planned but he's is super romantic. Still Opens the door for me and everyday we have so much fun together. I <3 Him. *Sigh*