Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breakfasting Dress and My Re-do Door

 Hope you all are doing well, I finally got to go out and dress like a real Person today. No more remodeling for a while! My Sweetie took me to dinner. Had a Chilean sea Bass with Eggplant and Cheese Casserole with a side of  Wild Rice. We had Shrimp Cocktails as and Appetizer. He wasn't feeling well today and decided to bring his dinner home, We sat and listened to some eagles Music. I know, But I love Don Henley's voice. And my favorite song by them is Love will keep us alive. I'm sorry the picture isn't too vibrant. Haven't been able to go to the nursery and get my usual Petunias  that adorn my pretty wrought iron Planters. I feel like I have been like a bear lately just hibernating and not wanting to go anywhere. I need to go get me some pretty flowers.
I took a bunch of pictures but these were the best one I could get.
I am wearing the Breakfasting Dress today. I was going to wear the Cooling Pallete Dress today but it hasn't arrived. Scored it on E Bay. I purchase older pieces on E bay. And on EA. I am planning a trip to Anthropologie and seeing what's on sale. I am waiting for a few items to go on sale but hasn't happened yet :(  And I am currently trolling E bay and Poetic Licence website for these the Peppermint Swirl Spectator Shoes I am so bummed out. I have been asking all of my sellers on E bay to find me a pair. I think I am the only one on the planet that missed out on these. I don't know why. I check Roxy's EA. Everyday to no avail. Ugh!
 I feel like there is a small hole in my universe right now. I have been seeing other blogger's ask what piece was it that got away from you? So, Which piece has you pining right now? Have a wonderful evening. I am going to visit by Bloggy Friends. Goodnight <3


  1. I like you pictures, Gabby! Your new door is a great background. I love the red and the design of the door! Good job!

    You dress is really pretty too:) The "one that got away" for me is the anthropologie cartography cardigan. I started searching for it even before it went on sale. I searched my local stores, called CS numerous times, called almost every store in the country, searched Ebay and the Trade Market at EA. I finally just gave up:) Maybe one day.......

  2. Yes, The Cartography is a pretty hard one to find :( I see them on e bay occasionally. Thanks on the door comment. I worked my ### Off....LOL. I really like the dress. I am so Happy our weather is already warm. Keep Looking on EA. You'll find it. If I see one I'll let you know. I am looking for a Tick- Tock in a large for one of my Followers, She wants one bad :( In a Large, Just in case you see one. I'll find her one! Have a great day. <3

  3. Okay, I'll let you know if I happen to come across the tick-tock cardi! Large is the size I need as well in the cartography cardi (or even an XL).

  4. Oh, I love the breakfasting dress- it's got such soft, sweet and simple details.

    I love, love, love the bouquet of roses heels! I definitely don't have them!

  5. Hi Sarah :) Yes, Very simple and comfy too. I love the pockets. And I love those shoes. You'll find them. They've been popping up on E bay. EA has someone selling some right now.

  6. I must be living under a rock! That door is amazing.