Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shoe diet? Whatever!

Banana Republic

Banana Republic & J. Crew

J. Crew


Miu Miu

Hello Ladies! :) Long time no talk! Well, What can I say...I have been telling everyone and their dog that I was going on a shoe diet :) But, No such thing. I have been bad!!  Look at all my puppies, Now I didn't buy them all at once I have been saving my pennies and these are the result.I got some of these on Sale.  The first pair are the Banana RepublicLumi open-toe-lace-up bootie The second pair is Loxley Buckle Peep Toes by J. Crew. The third pair are Anthropologie Miniver Lace Ups.Which I got at the last sale for $39.95. They are Canvas and I like them because they are very versatile and will probably go with a lot of my outfits. And last but not least A pair I scored on E bay a pair of Black leather Miu Miu Flats. And I Love them. I think all of the shoes serve a purpose All for different dresses and different occasions.. I wore the Miu Miu's today :) With my J. Crew Herringbone Cargo dress. I wanted something comfy to wear and this dress is really comfy and is beautiful. Not the typical Anthropologie dress. Very slim lined and just feels good on. Well, This was my ODDD. I am off to make Sloppy Joe's! Yummers :) You all have a good Evening :)


  1. oh ho- you have been busy, but as you say, they're all on sale...love the olive/military aesthetic on these. those miu mius are darling too.

  2. Wow, you've been busy:) Love them all! I definitely don't believe in shoe diets! Hope you dinner was nice.

  3. Sarah- I am just glad I found these ;) I just LOVE shoes! And the Miu Miu's are so cute <3

    Kristen - I tried to do a shoe diet and totally failed. But, I'm happy with these. Hope I can take a break :)

    Have a great evening :)

  4. Shoes diets are not healthy ;-) What lovely shoes and that J.Crew number is to die for. I can't wait to see those lovelies on your feet. New shoes always make me happy.