Sunday, July 22, 2012

Expensive Versus Affordable

Less Expensive Version

I wish!!

I got these - Zara

Wanted these - City Ballerina Flats
I Have managed to find less expensive versions of some of the things that I want but obviously can't afford. And in  the case of the Anthropologie shoes I couldn't find. I have learned though out the years that I really don't see me spending $3000.00 bucks on something when there will always be a less expensive version coming around the corner. It happens all of the time. I just would rather have a bunch of money to buy several wants, Than spend my saved money on just one item. Does that make sense?? Hope so. Because I am always on a budget. Unless I sell a bunch of unwanted items on eBay!


  1. Oh, I hear you. Sometimes it's so hard to know what things will haunt you forever and what are just passing fancies! I think I prefer the streamlined two-tone of the zara flats actually!

  2. Me too! I had found a pair of the Ballerina flats once on eBay. But I can recollect if they were too big or in really bad shape. But I post on EA for them anyway. I am positive I will never find them, Some shoes are meant to keep forever. These seem like that type of shoes. Thanks for the feedback :) My blog has been so dead, I've been feeling like I'm talking to myself!