Friday, July 20, 2012

My J. Crew Camo Jacket

A staple to my wardrobe this Fall

Going to be adding to my collection as well via eBay of course
Great Bracelet

I just bought this Camo Jacket this week. I have been watching it on eBay, I have been on a saving mode and I am trying to buy my favorites and missed items frugally. I am very patient and have learned that I can save lots of money being patient. So I landed this and I am so looking forward to wearing it with shorts and my Middle of the Road Booties!

The bracelets are something that I have also being acquiring little by little. I just bought the Ann Taylor Lock Cuff Bracelet. I have been admiring it at the store and found the Black version of it. They are very popular right now. They look like the Hermes Version but without the enormous price tag. I am slowly doing my blog and will soon start taking my pictures. Have been nesting and enjoying some much needed time off. But hope to start getting back into this fun project and hope to start attracting some traffic again and reconnecting with my friends on here. Hope you enjoy some of my new posts. I am going to change my blog a bit. Some fun stuff like Food, Life and fashion.


  1. I love this type of jacket- nothing better for giving sweet dresses a touch of cool! Welcome back!

  2. Thank You Sarah, I've missed my blog. I have been posting other stuff until I can get into the daily stuff. I am still going to throw different stuff out there. Also going to be styling my clothing a bit different too. As I am wearing more J. Crew these days :) I still have my Anthro oldies. But J.Crew will be in here more this year :)