Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Fall Home Re Do - New paint Job!

Pottery Barn Shelves
Looking in From Living Room
My go To's

View It's pretty. Cat's love it. ( Not allowed outside )

This is my Dining room. We have been painting our Town Home. The prior color was a really pretty Marigold color. Looked very Autumn. But I got tired of it and painted it a color called "Cream in my Coffee" By Valspar. It is so pretty! I am a big Lover of  Pottery Barn I have many of their pieces These shelves are awesome and I love them. I have two on each side of what used to be a  very old Mantle that was turned into a book case. The 4th picture is Our Dining room table.The last picture is our view. You can see there is a parking lot. but, We have a really pretty view. There are small bushes and a really pretty walkway. We also have an oak tree. You can kind of see it from the last picture. We have all of our meals here. Like today we had a nice breakfast and we got to see birds, Cats or whatever happened to fly or walk through here. People cannot see inside. We have a mirror window tint. You can see inside at night though if your lights are on..I  had it installed because it  keeps out 85% of the heat. Since our Town Home faces West most of the day. And also for privacy. That way we can keep our curtains open during the day. It's a very pretty  here and quiet place to live. Our two cats and my Boxer love their home too!

Next, My jewelry in the very middle are my " go to's " I hate taking all of my stuff out.Not necessary to wear to many pieces all at once. Nice and simple. Less is more is my style. So I keep these close. They sit on a decorative plate on my shelves.At the moment I have the J. Crew Pearls. The J. Crew Chain Necklace, My lovely Starfish Bracelet that I Love! Some Anthro Piece, A Horn Necklace, And I also have a beautiful Crystal necklace that you can barely see. Wear it almost everyday. Don't know by who though. It's so pretty. So, This is where I keep my cute everyday fun jewelry.

You wouldn't think it but this room looked like a tornado hit it earlier this morning. It was a big mess!! We had to move all of our furniture, Take out books, Move the shelves, Cover the rugs. Oh my God! I am tired. Hope you enjoy looking at my dining Re- Do. And get to see a bit of my home. It was fun, Love the way it looks. But this was it for me. I am ready for the fall. Let me know if you have any projects going on. Take care and stop by and say Hello :- )

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