Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Dresses, The Simple and the Feminine and the Classy

1953 - Elegant
1996 - Classic 

Perfect for after wedding outfit
My Style too!
I am wishing!

I am in love with this picture.  These dresses are of course way out of my budget! But aren't they gorgeous?   I remember when  J. F. K. Jr. married  Carolyn  Bessette  she wore the simplest yet prettiest dress. Of course look who she was marrying.  She looked so beautiful. I love the picture of him kissing her hand, So sweet .They look so happy as well. Also a picture of his parents wedding day. The Kennedy's seemed to do this really well. As for me. I am a big romantic. ( big! )  I love the beautiful cream color of  a wedding dress. I am not a real fan of the bright white, But that's just me. I  also think a very simple wedding will work. I have seen so many cute weddings here in blog land. From very Simple to the very Quaint.  I believe that simple and classic is best. I will not be spending a ton of money on my wedding. I think the money should go to a great  long romantic honeymoon. Somewhere where a couple can just be alone and get lost together, My journey still continues and I hope that I will get my dream come true and I will marry the man that I was meant to love forever. 


  1. I love the range of possibilities these days in wedding dresses, as well as the range of wedding styles! I'm definitely with you on investing in a really special honeymoon experience! I look forward to hearing your plans!

  2. Thank You Sarah,
    It's so much fun to look forward to the possibilities. They are endless. But Yes, I am def. Keeping it simple and fun. Surrounded by the people I love most <3