Sunday, October 31, 2010

Anthropologie Sunwashed Dots shirtdress!! Happy Halloween :)

I am a Happy Girl today. I found this dress! I know I am kinda late in the game but I am very proud that I found it. At a great price too! I don't know how much these Retailed for but I found this one NEW. I am going to pair it with a pair of chartreuse flats. Won't be easy but I'm gonna give it a go. Like I always say. I am not a quitter. I will make my shoe find.And will also find the perfect sweater too. I see the girl blogger's talking about shoes, skirts, name it. We are all very crafty and know how to save a buck. Not Bad for a Halloween Gift :) Yeah!


  1. sweet! I just recently found one too (through the Effortless Anthropologie board). Who cares if summer is far away- it's super cute! oh, and let me know where you find the chartreuse flats...yummy.

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