Monday, November 1, 2010

Anthropologie Fennel Flower Skirt

This is my Outfit for Monday. Today I woke up and it was a very sunny pretty fall day. I decided to wear my new Fennel flower skirt. I am the type of person that really likes to dress according to several factors. How I feel that day, My activity level, Where I am going to be that particular day and also the feel in the air.Decided to pair it with a J.Crew Yellow cardigan, J. Crew yellow Flats, and a Gap tissue T.  This is such a pretty skirt. It is comfortable at the waist and fits great on me no complaints here. I especially love the little Flower buttons at the back at the skirt.The Texture of this skirt is great as well. I am one of those people that usually takes my favorite outfits to the cleaners. This will be one of them.I think that my special clothing deserves special treatment. I purchased the Twilit skirt and am currently waiting on a special top and a great cardigan to match. If you read this shoot me some ideas. Happy Monday... Have a Great Day!

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