Saturday, October 9, 2010

Funday Friday :)

It's 2Am and I'm here blogging about my day.I am really bushed!!  A Trip to the local botanical Garden was great. Saw so many amazing flowers, Trees, Art work. I didn't feel like dressing up so just grabbed what I could find and this was it. Pretty lame Outfit I must admit. Gap T.  Lani Bubble Top, X2 Jeans w 01 Skinny and my cute shoes that are super comfy. After our outdoor adventure we also went shopping!. I  found some really cute outfits. Will post as I go along. Had a great day though. Ate at Ruby Tuesday. Had the crab cake dinner. Smashed Cauliflower and grilled asparagus. With Mango Tea. Tomorrow is a new day:)


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