Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Saturday with Rick Owens :) Love him!

Well, I'm Not with him really....I am wearing one of his fabulous skirts! Have you ever owned Rick Owens? His Clothing is unreal. It's so Soft, clingy, draped just all together heaven to wear. I am starting to really love his clothing. He's a genius. If i was loaded that's all I would wear.I purchased this one on E bay. Don't expect to spend less than about maybe between $ 200.00 to maybe even in the high 500's for his stuff.Some even in the 700 price range for a simple skirt. I bought this from an awesome seller! Don't have her permission to use her name so I won't. Plus I think somethings just have to be kept secret ;) I am wearing it with a top from Anthropologie. Brand name Bailey 44. Was about $88.00 Brand new of course.I love the flowers on this top. The skirt almost has an Egyptian feel and look to it. Hence my sandals. I feel so pretty today :) Headed out. getting some food. Starving actually maybe P. F. Chang's today?

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