Monday, December 13, 2010

Two love birds and a Garden and a happy me

 I am in heaven today.Vintage Odille. Yes, Again. I fell in love with this Pretty olive colored skirt with loads of detail. It's got a white wrought Iron chair that sits two love birds kissing They are a faint pink and baby blue color.They are just sitting enjoying themselves surrounded by tree branches and leaves. accompanied by small white blooms of flowers. This skirt could almost tell a story with all of the whimsical decor that adorns it. It is a dream. The sweater is like two sweaters in one. The bottom being a Turtle neck which zips up and the top is a cardigan.I love the big orange flowers with the green leaves it has lovely pearl buttons plus a lovely cross stitching up front. I have no clue what Year these are from but needless to say that I am really glad I found them.. I believe that anything that is that vintage deserves to be loved and adored. If anyone sees these and knows their names, Year, I would love to know. Aren't they gorgeous? I see me wearing this Next fall. And the skirt in the spring.

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