Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My sad and happy story about the Tyndall coat

I went to bed a little sad last night. I noticed that this coat went on sale and I couldn't call the store until I woke up! As soon as I took my 2 dogs outside and let them run and play for a while. I decided to jump on the phone and call  the store this morning,. After being on hold forever!! I decided to hang up and call again. This time they actually answered and talked to me. I asked if there were anymore of these left. I had to give them the item number and what seemed forever to me she finally told me that there were only 2 left. My size and a 10.I asked if she could hold it for me and she said they would hold it till tomorrow. I thought "Hell No" I am headed to you in about 30 minutes. I arrived and there it was inside that famous hold Armoire they have there.I love that thing. It holds my treasures till I get there. So I paid and walked out a happy girl.  I have seen this coat on some blogger's and fell in love with it. But wasn't too happy about the price tag. I'm glad I waited though.  I had several things on my wish list and this coat was one of them. I purchased the following these past few days. The Hellebore sweater skirt, The ruffled plaid dress, And the crocheted clouds dress. and My little turtle belt. So, I guess Santa has to find me something else now. Come to think of it. I need tops. Any ideas?

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