Wednesday, January 12, 2011

As luck would have it

Hi :)
I have been really busy and haven't posted anything due to our weather being kinda nasty and cold.I wasn't feeling particularly in the mood to change clothes or even go out. Just walked around in my jeans and Uggs today.Have I said that I hate the cold? With a passion? And as I have mentioned we don't really get this cold in San Antonio today in the upper 20's. We are kind of babies when it comes to really cold & wet.. Anyway!! I had missed out on this belt a long time ago. I wanted it for Christmas but had other priorities and so I decided not to get it for me. After Christmas I was disappointed to see that they had sold out! I even went on E bay! LoL.. like they'd have it. I'm sure whomever was lucky enough to get this wasn't going to sell theirs! So It came up on my wish list and this time I got one. No questions asked. I just bought it. I don't know how it looks like in RL. But I'm happily waiting. I didn't want to get excited because I had ordered a dress and they cancelled my order :( So, With the belt I kept my hopes up but wasn't celebrating till today. I got an email that they has already shipped my order....I am also waiting on the " Spinning Lace dress" I bought it from The Anthropologie store in New Orleans. They had the last one. Valentines day....Here I come!

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