Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crocheted Cloud Dress And a Birthday! With the one I love

Date night and a special day
I had been planning on wearing my crocheted cloud dress, Just didn't know when or where. I had an idea but the idea just went out the window due to the time I had to get it done. My loved one had a Birthday and I just got dressed and headed outI have to say he helped pick out the shoes and the sweater.I decided to wear my Jeffrey Campbell shoes that have the prettiest ankle straps and have a great heel not too high or too low. paired it with  my Elodie Lily Cardigan. No necklace because I thought the sweater and dress spoke volumes on their own.The shade of my shoes was really close to the color of the sweater. So I chose them to wear with it.The only thing about this dress is you have to be really careful with the lace. Especially when you have a girl puppy that loves to jump you every time you walk in the room :) We ate 7 stories up and saw the airplanes taking off and landing. Great evening and had a wonderful night. Happy Birthday Sweet Love <3


  1. Aww happy birthday to your love, and the elodie lily cardi is a great accompaniment for this dress!

  2. Aw Tara, Thank You!! I visited your blog today. Nice picks :) I have a few I am eyeballing but we'll see. I loved the sweater though.I will probably be posting my picks too. I never seem to be lucky enough to snare my size.My other half is always so sweet and goes and tracks them down sometimes as far as calling Austin himself!! But I Am already in love with a few dresses. Woo is me :(

  3. Ooh- I love this mix! So subtle and lovely!

  4. look sooo adorable! i too have the Elodie Lily and love it :) i was kicking myself for not purchasing the Crocheted Clouds dress and now seeing it on you, i'm really kickin myself!! you rock that outfit gurlie ;) i bet your hunny loved it...hope you two had a wonderful evening and he had a great birthday :0)