Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Separate Space Skirt (second time around)

SO! I decided to give this skirt a Second chance, I  purchased this skirt a while back but decided to return it. I had buyers remorse about  spending $98 for a skirt. So today I decided to go check out the sale. I was really surprised though by the fact that they had moved all of the sale items up to the front of the store instead of the usual nook in back. I kind of like the nook myself. But it is such a small space that it's a bit hard to get around. Makes it hard for us ladies trying to get to our "Wants" elbowing or stepping all over each other. But today everything was out in the open making it even harder to walk away from some awesome deals. My eyes were all over the place. But I must admit that like many, My wallet needs a break and so I chose to make this my only piece.Plus got it at less than what I originally paid. I am in love with the color, Texture and just the all around look of this one. I was concerned with the length though, I am only 5"2 and thought I'd look even shorter. But thinking of wearing it with some nice pumps and see what happens. I think the color lends itself to so many possibilities. Red is my first instinct. So I wont be wearing it for a while until I find the perfect Red shoes & red top.So that said.....I went next door to Forever 21 and bought me some cute necklaces. I was looking for the Camera piece but no luck. All of these pieces for less than $20!!not bad right?
Decided to give this another chance
Bought some candy


  1. heh...Oh, I wanted this skirt so bad! But without having an opportunity to try it on, and with those dubious waist pleats, I thought I should just hold back. I shall enjoy it by proxy- I look forward to an outfit shot!

  2. Hi :) Thanks! I know...I am thinking those pretty suede Anthropologie shoes but don't know. I'm really on a tight budget :( It may well be spring before I can attempt to buy shoes. But I am a real optimist. I hope you change your mind and get it. It would look perfect on you!