Thursday, January 27, 2011

Found my way to Oxford...Well, Kind of

I am wearing my cute Cartography Cardigan. And I finally got to wear my Ribbon Tied Oxfords. today. In fact got a Ton of compliments from The SA at Anthropologie .She was totally shocked to see it was a dress. She thought it was a skirt that they are currently selling..So I told her no... it's a dress. She loved it. She herself was dressed. really cute,She was wearing an Orange Cotton strappy dress with a cute flowery cardigan. I really like looking at what they wear but don't stare and have them think I'm being nosy. So! She then proceeded to take me to the back and show me  the Corduroy Skirts.  They have them  in Yellow and a Navy Blue. Pretty!! $118.00. She told me she had the Yellow skirt. And, that she really liked it. She was really sweet her name was Mary. Really bubbly, And super Helpful. Although a pretty as those skirts were. I purchased two Items on my wish list. Had to get  them before they went on sale though :( only because Our Anthro is far from my home and every time I try to hit the sales everything is gone. Both online and at my store. So sometimes I don't have a choice. Like today...slim pickings. Stuff I has seen already last time I was there. So I bought The Neo Refinement  Pullover and the Springing Season Blouse. I saw it on Roxy and well, You know how it goes.Her reviews are always how I decide how it's going to fit. She wears a 6 like I do. So If she say's to size up it's usually true. But I'm happy about it. No regrets. I did however find out that one of the things that I have on my wish list will never go on sale. and that is The Soft Soaring Sweater. Bummer! I am in love with that one. I am going to have to really keep myself from buying it. But I really think I am going to go back on my word. Also, The Jeweler's Choice Cardigan was beautiful. But I am on the fence big time on this one. On one hand I love it. On the other hand The maintenance has me worried. I wouldn't dare take it to the cleaners. So What to do? I am really pondering this one. My Birthday is coming up and I want  The Paraiso Dress.  But we will see. I had promised 2 things a month. Of course, This is January. February is my Birth month so technically I get 2 this next month right??


  1. Very cute! Love the shoes. The cartography cardigan is one of my favorite pieces and my biggest regret:( I waited too long to buy it and then it was just gone. Booooooo. Oh well, it looks great on you!

  2. Hi Kristin, Trust me It took me forever to find it too. I got it on E bay though. Which means paid too much. That's the bad thing about passing on Anthro pieces. Then you pay out the nose later :( Just check in they sell them all the time.I'm sure you'll get lucky to find one :) But Thank you! And Thanks for joining my little blog. Happy to see you.