Monday, January 3, 2011

Love my Skirt! Hellebore Sweater skirt

My Hellebore Sweater skirt. I didn't really know what to pair it with so I kind of went with what I have in my closet. My J. Crew top, J. Crew Chartreuse Cardigan. And, My Steve Madden boots. This is a very pretty color to me. I have read some bloggers reviews and some hate the color I happen to love it. It's a  muted mustard color to me.I especially like the little studs that it has running along the front of the skirt. Although this IS a hard color to really blend other stuff with, I found it a challenge therefore haven't worn it before today. It's soft, Comfy and I think it looks pretty. It's not a sweater skirt that you can wear any other time   than the fall / winter. I am thinking of finding a Gray sweater vest and see how I can make this work. I am really glad I bought it. I had to get it before it went on sale. I just figured it would sell and I'd be left out. I have been waiting for the sales and it seems I always loose out. So with this one I had to jump on it.  I am preparing for the 2011 year. I saw a bunch of outfits that I know I am going to own, But again if I don't get them that's fine too. I don't have money growing on trees here. So I have to be more picky and not be too anxious to buy it all. But there is something I do need to work on.I need more tops. They seem to have been left out this year...I think just a few essential pieces that I can incorporate into my wardrobe.

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