Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finally Caught my BIG fish :) in the sea

I am totally happy today! I finally got my dream skirt. After months and months of looking, asking, whining everyone's ear off. I landed my Four if by sea skirt. Megan!! I found it!! I couldn't and still can't believe it now. I won't disclose where I found it yet for fear of Jinxing it. But all I can say is that as soon as I get it I'm wearing. I do have to Thank Megan who has been so sweet as to always shoot me emails and asks if I have found my items. She is really sweet. We met via EA. And Thanks to the Awesome Roxy for starting her amazing EA for all us ladies Yay! <3

1 comment:

  1. you are such a sweetie Gabby! :) I'm so excited you found your skirt and wish I could have tracked it down for you! I'm glad we are part of the Anthro community...hopefully I can help you find some goodies in the near future ;) have a great evening :0)