Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OODD And some little friends

This is my OOTD. This is an Odille top. I fell in love with it. Not wearing anything that great. Just my skinny pants from J. Crew and My Steve Madden boots. Today was actually nice and we had some sunshine. Is it me or do we always look a bit chunky in pictures? I always feel like I look huge!  I'm average Size 6 Maybe it's just me. 
This is the beautiful color and detail of the front.


  1. I like the light frilly blouse with the boots- sweet way too mix it up. Yeah, pictures are always so unreliable- it so depends on the angle and light (I gotta work on lighting!). I so love your cute digital add-ons here!

  2. Thanks, I found the top on E bay. I really like more of the vintage finds because no one really wears the really older stuff I guess. Seems like they wear it and then Poof! It's gone. I have to work on my tops though. Believe it or not, Most of my tops are all summer tops. I really need to get on the ball with that. The little chicks came from Fotoflexer check it out. You'll like it :)