Thursday, January 20, 2011

OODD Orange you glad :)

Not a really Good Pic
I Love these little shoes
This is my outfit today, Lately I've felt like a huge Troll! I feel fat, Don't know why? I'm wearing my size 4. So maybe it's just me.  It is really cold today for our standards. But i decided that I was going to wear one of my cute outfits out today.I love this skirt, It's very versatile can pretty much be worn with any color. Green, Red, Gold, Orange. My shoes are from a purchase I made on E bay. but they match really well with my cardigan. Don't know the brand or anything other than they are made in Italy. may very well have been brought from up there and if they were then I am the lucky one. They seem to be very different. I haven't purchased anything this week. I have been trying really hard to stick to my rule of buying only what I know I'm really wanting. I have gotten to where I want everything I see. Bad...Bad! So, I have decided to slow things down and give the ole wallet a break. I do have some things that I have to have though. But limiting to maybe 2 this time and I am going to try really hard to find the "Sales"  want to have money during the summer to see what Anthropologie has in store :)

  • My clothing
    • Italian shoes - unknown
    • J. Crew antler top
    • Anthropologie Cardigan
    • Twilit Skirt

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  1. Gabby, thanks so much for checking out my blog! Totally jealous of all your Anthro pieces. TODIEFOR. :) Orange is one of my absolute fave colors to wear - these look great!