Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Drum Roll Please....Mr. Toast & Miss Chloe

Mr Toast
Miss Chloe
These are my 2 Boxers. Cinnamon Toast on top and Miss Chloe on the bottom. He is 5 Years Old and She is 6 Months old. They are both Boxers but he has more Mastif, And she has more Bulldog. For those in The know. Today is windy & Blowing cold. Took my puppy to the vet and came home. No outfit due to I'm just wearing boring Leggins and My uggs. I did wear my Tyndall Coat though. Which came in handy. Will probably head to Starbucks to get my Peppermint Chocolate. Then watch Movies. Hope my puppy's made you smile :)


  1. oh wow, you have the Tyndall coat? Lucky!!

    Super cute doggies..big puppies are so adorable! (my cat is looking up at me accusingly now...)

    Hey, I received the ink blossom skirt- man is it ever cut small! I've been used to the sizing of the double serge- I guess it's good it was a size too large (or so I thought!) Pretty pattern and fabric- I'm sure you'll find one!

  2. Oh Cats the ever wise the ones *wink* I'm Glad you like your new find.I have never seen one in Person. Although I go to J. Crew I never really wander around. I'm the type walks in gets what she's there for and leaves. So? I hope the 6 skirts I just ordered aren't going to be swimming on me. As it is The Bronze Orce took Months to arrived. Man!! I hope they fit :( But non the less, I'm happy you got it. I know your gonna find a killer way to wear it! And yes, I got lucky and bought the Tyndall....Super Warm :)

  3. Oh, what cuties! I love their names (especially cinnamon toast:). They are adorable - thanks for sharing! I will have an official introduction for my dogs on my blog some time soon:)

  4. Great! It's nice to see pets too. Thanks for asking me to put up their picture. Chloe was in a moment of quiet, She's a handful. But looking forward to meeting your babies :)