Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OODD Or lack there of...Too Cold

This is the best I could do for the day! This is actually what I wore today (Tuesday ). But if today was any sign of tomorrow, I'm not going out. Maybe to get my faves but that's it. I have to admit uggs aren't my faves but these puppies work. They keep my feet warmsy. And that is what counts. I layer because I am very cold natured too. But as far as today this is it ladies. Not a great deal. I wonder why bloggers never blog about their P'j days, Or what they look like when not really doing anything important other than lounging in there favorite P'js. I for one have a fave. It's a pair with different Sushi on them. They make me hungry every time I wear them. Yum, Now my belly is growling. I might not have an outfit tomorrow But thought this would do. I preferred to show case my doggies.


  1. Your sushi PJ's sound cute! I love the Tyndall coat on you!

  2. Gabby yes, we understand completely. Comfort comes first! Your coat looks really chic though :)