Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just a Peek Into my day and some of my treasures

 These was my outfit for Sunday, Nothing great just Jeans this sweater which I don't know the name of. It's a cutie! this really cute Scarf and my J. Crew Jack Purcell Tennis shoes, My Current Elliot Jeans, A ribbon Sash as a Belt. Pretty basic Sunday stuff.

 This is My Favorite Piece of Jewelry EVER! It's designed By Jennifer Meyer.( Married to Tobey Maguire ). The necklace came out in the Movie "The Break Up" With my favorite actress Jennifer Aniston. I know a lot of people don't like her. But to me she is Classy, Beautiful and is a very giving celebrity.And she would be someone I would love to meet. Her and Michael Buble!! OMG! I saw him in concert when he came to S.A. sat really close. He's Gorgeous. I didn't get lucky enough to see Coldplay another fave. But anyway, this necklace never leaves my side  <3
 This is the bottom to the Scarf. It is really delicate and airy soft. Isn't it cute?
And Lastly, This is a bookcase that was made out of an Old Mantle. The lady that sold it to me decorated it with paper as you can see. It's full of all things special to me. Perfumes, Old wedding cake toppers which I collect. A bunny that's asleep in a leaf, A Vincent Van Gogh Stamp keeper,An special apple I recieved as a gift. A glass square with flowers inside that say's " To have faith is to have wings"  The big bunny in the back is a Reproduction of a design Made for the Prince and Princess of Wales For the Birth of William. It said "Prince William is Sleeping" Designed and Painted by Diane Voyentzie. And last but not least. The Bracelet that Anthropologie sent to some customers. It's really Pretty. So hope you enjoyed a piece of the things that are special to me. Let me know what you Treasure.


  1. I love your necklace! It is very pretty. I also really love your bookcase and seeing some of the things you treasure:) I have a table by my bed that I keep special things in - books that mean a lot to me, letters, pictures, souvenirs, gifts from people I love, etc.

  2. Hi Kristin :) I guess all of us have that special place where we keep our favorite things. I like that you have letters. People don't seem to write many anymore.

  3. Yay, thank you for sharing your favorite pieces with us, I love that insight into another blogger's' world and closet :) And a happy Valentine's Day and a Happy Birthday to you as well!

  4. I enjoyed this. thanks for sharing. I treasure all the crafts my kids made for me, the cards my hubby has given to me over the years and old pics of my parents and grandparents.

  5. Hi Anjal, Thank You! We had the best time. I'll post about it tonight. It was fun sharing my little special things with you all.

    Lisa, That's sweet. Kiddos little gifts from school are the sweetest, They'll appreciate that you kept them when they get older. I too have pictures of Grandparents and a great Aunt That I loved very much!