Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentines/ Birthday Celebration - At the Tower Of the America's

How my Morning Started

Roses & Casablancas
Our Usual Dessert - Lava Cake

A Beautiful Ice Sculpture

The View from our Table

Well Ladies, This was my  Valentines / Birthday Dinner. It Started with that big bunch of Flowers :) And a romantic card. We Went out to the tower and had a great dinner. The view was this beautiful. It wasn't cold outside so we walked up to the Tower nice and slow as opposed to always running because it's super cold and freezing. It was the usual  4 course Valentines Day Dinner, We had stuffed mushrooms, Then We chose the Lobster Bisque, Followed by Steak And Mashed Potatoes. Then Coffee and our Tradition "Lava Cake" which consists of a super warm Fudge cake with a scoop of Ice Cream..Yum! We stayed around a little longer enjoying the sights. every once in a while the Helicopters that carry people by were seen doing their Night tours for Valentines day lovers.

We Headed home and watched TV and had another round of laughter and fun and called it a day. My sweet one is Truly Unique. He is really special to me. I can't say enough about him.  Had a great day and I wore my Spinning lace dress and changed it up a bit. Wore it with a  Tan colored Sash with Suede Pumps From Banana Republic that matched the sash. Just thought I'd Dress it up different. So that's it. Wonderful, Romantic Day!


  1. Your date sounds nice:) The flowers are beautiful and the restaurant sounds really neat (mmmmmm - lobster bisque)! I'm glad you had a nice time!

  2. incredible view!! I'm always too afraid to go to a restaurant on actual Valentine's day- that they must be so busy, but then I guess they plan for it...

    I like the idea of the light tan sash with the cream lace- subtle!

  3. Hi Sarah :) You know? It wasn't as bad this year. I guess it was a weekday so not too crowded. It was really nice. I can't complain. As to the dress I didn't want to wear Red. I wanted something soft to the eye. I'm just mad at myself because I forgot to tell him to take a picture of the dress :( We plan a more intimate dinner next year, At home in our Patio with movies & treats.

  4. Hi Kristin, Just left your blog a while back I forgot to answer you :). I love Lobster Bisque! Just don't know how to make it. I read you and your sweetheart had a great time. Loved the pictures of your food. Delish. I love goat cheese.

  5. Mmmmmm, goat cheese is the best! I don't know how to make Lobster Bisque either, but it sounds like a fun project to try!

  6. I know right? I'll have to check on the Barefoot Contessa and see if she has a recipe. I love INA.