Saturday, February 26, 2011

OODD, Lambs, Sheep, Snails And Geese, Oh Geez!

Good Day Ladies, How was your Friday? Hopefully a good one. This is my Outfit for today.I am posting it now because I'm outta here early today. I am a real hard core night owl. I stay up really late. But when I have to get up I get up & go! I am not a morning person AT ALL.This is not really a fashion statement. But, I really think this is a cute little top. I don't know the name. I think the lady I bought it from said something about Little Creatures. But don't know for sure. If you know please tell me so I can edit this.This is just a day of no frills just errands and loads to do. I know you never get to see my hair because I always put it up. Just wanted you to see I'm not bald or anything like that. Hehe. I am just always doing something and my hair ends up tangled on something or my puppy likes to play tug of war with it. *Chomp* goes Chloe! The top is from Anthropologie. The shoes are by pink. And the Shorts are from Banana Republic ( old ). What are you up too today? Anything fun? Have a Safe Saturday :)


  1. Lisa! I accidentally deleted your comment. I am SO sorry, I was half asleep and my Ipone is weird sometimes fingers hit the wrong buttons. I sent you an email. Sounds like you still had a good time at the gym even if you had to get up super early :( I did too. My puppy mad she. wake up twice to go outside but came back and slept some more :( I am so NOT a morning girl.

  2. ugh- I had to work all day today (as in 10:30 am to 11:30 pm, with about 2 hours in the middle- I went home and cuddled the cat for awhile!

    love the big buttons!

  3. Hi Gabby, don't worry about it :)
    Holla, my doggie's name is Chloe too! that is a super cute top, i zoomed in and it looks like there are dogs on it, or is it horses or deers?
    you have such long silky hair, lol and no, I've never thought you were bald. have to take off to go into work now, ttyl.

  4. Hi Lisa, Yes Miss Chloe. She is a handful. She's still a puppy and she chews on everything. But I love her and can't be mean to her. But there are no Dogs, Just Deer, Geese, Sheep and Snails. It's really cute. Had fun wearing it. Have a Good Evening :)

  5. OMG Sarah, That's a full day :( I am for cuddling with my pets too. I am so glad that their are so many animal lovers. Nice! ;) Get some rest girl.