Sunday, February 27, 2011

OODD - Saturday buying Collectible Mullinery - Cute

Just some J. Crew & Anthropologie
This was my Saturday ( Daytime ) outfit.Went shopping and found some really cute Millinery Is that what they call it? They are super old From the 40's I'm guessing. One has these really pretty flowers and a comb to keep them in your hair. The other is a Lime green bow that goes on  Pony tail. Saw some really pretty vintage hats as well. They are just little things that I collect. I have so many things that are really cute finds and I keep in a big  white Shabby Chic Old White Kitchen cabinet,In my Foyer. I have vintage Baseball gloves, Bunnies, Old. Old. Books. Tea cups that are really old and unique.I also have original Dick & jane books. One day I will post my sweet little Treasures that I love. I don't know the name of this top :( Sorry But it's an older Anthropologie top. Wearing J. Crew pants and J. Crew Flats.I really like the older pieces. I seem to gravitate to really cute and or unique pieces.But, Let me know what you have that you really treasure as far as collectibles. Or cute things that you keep by your bedside? Another OODD coming up Evening wear. Had a date with my Sweetum's. We try to go out at least every 2 weeks. And enjoy the Evening.  Have a Wonderful Monday. And a Happy Day :)


  1. Cute outfit Gabby! I love your necklace and the sweet little flowers on your top!

    I would love to see some of your vintage treasures sometime:) I have a beautiful vintage sewing box that my grandmother recently gave me. I keep it by my bed and love to look at it. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it yet.

  2. Oh, That's sweet. Old things that belong to someone you love. I unfortunately have no parents or Grand parents :( So, I do not have anything they left behind. We had a house fire on all of my parents wedding pictures and My things from childhood burned down with the house. I bought a boy doll that I was given by my Grandmother at an antique store to replace him. I named him TONY. You should post your treasures too! I'd love to see them :) I'll post a pic of my boy Doll so you can see my Best buddy that I had till I was 21.