Friday, March 11, 2011

Bluebell Wood Dress And an Angel

My Sweet Angel
The Bridges Of Bexar County
The Prettiest Sash
Red and Green
Pretty Pansies
These are a few pictures we took today.This was one of my companions for today. My  Angel. I visit him here every once in a while. People come and leave him flowers and even left him a valentine's Day Heart Box. Probably an answered prayer. This is a dress from the January 2008 Catalog. I fell in love with it's beautiful Sash. And all of the pretty flowers at the bottom. Hope you like the pics today. It's getting to be Spring here in Our Beautiful Alamo City. Love Texas!

Mountain Laurel


  1. What lovely, sunny pictures- I'm glad you're showing us some of your environment!! The dress is simply gorgeous, and really delicious with the red shoes!

  2. I love it all - the pictures, the dress (such a gorgeous sash), the shoes, and your necklace! That is such a cool shot of you on the bridge and I love the one of your shoes. Very nice! Hope you have a great weekend Gabby!

  3. Hi Sarah :)
    Thank You, I'm trying. I have to admit this is nice but takes a lot of time and effort :( I can see why some blogger's always say how much work this takes. But it is also fun! finding the right spots to show of our pretty dresses or our outfits :)

    Hi Kristin :)
    You had a lot to do with it. I think that you were a big inspiration for me to get out there, Although you are more out there than I am. (I'm Still pretty shy) So Kuddos to you Blog Sista! learned that one from Lisa, BTW! I just ordered her book. got a glimpse of it last night and I'm hooked can't wait to get it! You and Ben have a great weekend as well, Heard about Portland having to evacuate? ( Tsunami related ) ? Hope you are safe and sound. <3

  4. Hi Gabby, the pics by the angel is beautiful. I couldn't tell which was the angel as they were 2 of them :) Love the dress and the shoes against the moss. Glad it's spring in Texas. The dress makes you look like an angel ... you are my angel =)

  5. Lisa :) You always put a. Smile on my face. And I'm not that much of an Angel... LOL! But your compliment made me smile :) This is a really special place that I go too.usually during Christmas time it's even more beautiful. And I had fun doing this particular set of pictures. Always happy to hear from you ;)
    Have a good weekend. I know your leaving soon :(
    You'll be totally missed by your's truly <3

  6. Gorgeous pics! I've never seen that dress before - I love it!

  7. Hi Tiffany :)
    Thank you! I really like it too. I found it in the catalog and loved the sash, It's pretty silly to pick a dress based on a sash! But I love the overall dress too. Thanks for your compliment. Have a great weekend :)

  8. Hey you! :)
    You look *beautiful*
    That dress is absolutely gorgeous!
    Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday :0)
    p.s. I'm loving the springy pics :)...I'm just loving that it's spring lol

  9. Sweet Megan ;)
    Thank You, We had fun in the sun. I'm enjoying my Sunday actually. Just got out of Anthropologie and bought those cute coin purses! $9.95! Bought 2 ( red ) ( yellow ) Can you believe? You have a good week too <3