Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moving into the Future from 1908

Old Door
More Modern Door
Hi Ladies :) 
This has been my week. Doing a door Remodel. I haven't been able to go anywhere or dress like a decent human being. Been wearing nothing but  jeans and Tees. We live in a two story Victorian that was built in 1908. It's a beautiful home. But last year we decided  to redo our Old Kitchen and bring it Into the Future. It was a nice kitchen before. But it was stuck in the 80's. We bought Black Granite and Stainless Steel Appliances, Had an Island built and painted the Kitchen RED. So we have totally redone the house. Our living room, Our dining room and now this door. I'm in Interior Design and I do it full time.So this was my project for the front door. It's still not painted and not finished. I still haven't decided whether I want the door Red or Black. But just wanted to share my project with this more modern house door :) Not a very fashionable thing to share with a bunch of women, But some of my other blogger friends are moving and getting their new apartment and others are buying their first home. Congrats to them :)  I picked up a little friend along the way, I managed to get a huge splinter stuck in my finger and now it's all swollen and it hurts. Taking an Advil. Maybe it will get rid of the swelling. Going to sleep and wish you all a very restful night <3

I am going to take a break tomorrow and Post a St. Paddy's Day outfit.  Hopefully my little helper will be here to help. Spring Break! I get to have her all to myself tomorrow.


  1. What a fun project! I love the new door (although the old one looks cool too)! I'm excited to see what color you go with. Have a great day:)

  2. Hi Kristin :)
    Not at all what I had expected. Loads of work! Who would have thought hanging a door was such a hassle. But I will post the new look. I'm working on Downloading my St. Patrick's day pictures for tonight. Have a great day ------> Me! @//(*_*)\\@

  3. Nice!! I'm so impressed with the amount of work you've done- will we get to see some more interior shots?

  4. Hi Sarah :)
    I'm pretty sure I will. I worked really hard on my kitchen. I designed the Island and my cupboards. We are adding extra cupboards and a work desk. I also designed my 5 windows in my living room. So Yes, I will share some spots to show off. :)