Thursday, March 17, 2011

Caranday in Honor of St. Patrick!

Happy Saint Paddy's Day! Hi Ladies! Hope you all had a great day!
I had a very rushed day and didn't have very much time to make cute pics. Just went downtown and found some areas to capture the green of the Caranday Dress. I look like a dope in the third picture but I tend to be silly sometimes :) We were invited to a neighbor's house for an authentic Irish Dinner. Grant you I still haven't finished my door, But I needed a day off. I will Paint again tomorrow. Now home trying to wind down. What did you all do?

What a Dope!

Aren't they cute?


  1. Beautiful dress! I love the outdoor shots, especially the one of your awesome shoes!

  2. Thank You Kristin, I've been trying to show of the shoes as well as the outfit. They tend to get let out :( so this is my way of showing them of too. Plus,They aren't always from Anthropologie but they are nice shoes. I love you pictures as well lately. Can't wait to see the new pictures with the new Camera :) Have a great Day <3

  3. ha- sweet stripes! and oh, those shoes are great- I love the 2 tones of green!

  4. Hi Sarah ;)
    Thanks! I think you & I are true shoe horses. I wish I had a room alone for just my shoes, But have to admit. Your shoes are the best!
    Have a great evening <3

  5. I wore this dress on St. Patrick's Day too! It's so perfect for the holiday, no? :) And I love your necklace and awesome shoes too!!

  6. LoL, That silly necklace is from the Mardi GRAS. Just happened to be green. I took it of later because I felt silly. But yes! This dress is one of my faves. Hadn't gotten to wear it until St. Patricks :) And my shoes were an E bay find. I saw all of your beautiful wishlist clothing. You have some of the same ones I do. Although I'm only going to pick 3 :( Thanks Anjali... Always nice to hear from you <3