Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Trip To Anthro on Saturday :)

Cuties ( Little Coin bags)

 Anthropologie  trip for Saturday, Saw many things that  I want. Especially the green skirt. It reminds me of Joan Crawford. It's something reminiscent of the 1940's to me. The colors,The cut of the skirt. The flowers. Just really pretty skirt. The next thing I did was go to the back of the store to look at the sale section. Didn't really find anything In particular. I just want that skirt right now. Have to wait for the sale. :( I have spent so much money on E bay, I have been buying a lot of the older pieces that have ended up costing twice sometimes three times as much. But that's okay. have to have them. These were just some of the things that I saw an some are on the "Wishlist" Can't get everything I want. Plus I think sometimes we work on impulse and end up buying just for the sake of buying. I like  Sarah She has her own sense of style and probably doesn't worry about looking or having to buy Anthro all the time. She has the most amazing clothing. She finds the most beautiful Shoes, Dresses, Skirts. I really like that about her, She has her own style still wears Anthropologie but doesn't feel compelled to just wear one specific brand of clothing. She mixes old and new. I have been trying to not feel like I have to catch up or wear everything every single piece that comes out. but will get some of the few special things that I really want and will work for me. Hope you like some of the stuff I found. They were really nice and let me take as many pictures as I'd like.  I definitely had fun. Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out Gabby!! I must say, it's probably a good thing that it's pretty hard for me to get my hands on Anthropologie stuff- my wishlists are pretty big, but then I have to really keep it down to what will make me happiest...

    I think you'll probably be able to find that skirt come sale time, yes? It's such a beautiful print but it seems like a lot of people don't like the fit.

    I do frequently feel like there are a lot of classic Anthro items I need to catch up on (thank goodness for Roxy and the trade board, eh?) but I like to try and satisfy those needs with cheaper vintage when I can!

  2. I love that jewelry stand! It is so pretty, plus it looks really useful because you could hang necklaces/braclets on it and use the little leaves to put earrings/smaller items in.

    Love Sarah's blog - her shoe collection is awesome:)

  3. I adore that skirt too, it has such a nice vintage vibe. when I tried it on though, the fit was super tight I had to go up 2 sizes. Glad you had a fun day at Anthro :) I own 5 Anthro bird coin purses and love 'em.
    Oh yes, I heart Sarah's style too.

  4. Hi Girlies!

    Hi Sarah, Your most welcome. I just LOVE your clothing. I sneak in sometimes to see your amazing outfit of the day :) You are truly a great dresser. I love that you mix all of your vintage stuff with the new. I hope I do like the skirt's fit. I am just "In Love" with it. And yes! Roxy has definitely saved me some serious money.

    Kristin :) I really like that the little ( branch )? It's so pretty! I really want it. But we'll see. What's on your wish list? I already missed out on 1 dress :(

    Lisa! Hi :) Haven't seen you in a while. I'm sure your busy with those adorable Dolls of yours. WOW! 2 sizes up? Ouchy...Not gonna be good for my ego :( I didn't get a coin purse, Don't know why? I loved it. I guess I might have been on one of my Scrooge Modes...LoL! And Yes, Sarah is Amazing. I wish I had her clothes and her shoes!!!

    Thank You all for stopping by :) Have a Great Wednesday <3