Thursday, March 10, 2011

Plaids and Roses

My Pretty Roses
My cute Plaids

Hi Ladies! How are you all doing today? This was my outfit for yesterday but didn't get do post it last night. I was really tired and not in the mood :( Hope all of you are doing well. I check in on you here. *Smile* Our weather has been great. So, I've been taking out the cute cotton dresses. This was Brand new with tags and hadn't worn it until yesterday. Sorry about the pic I am not in the mood to go out and take pictures  (worn out)  I have a job, And sometimes I really I just have time to do these type of pictures to at least have something up. I hope you understand. You know how it is, I won't be able to go scouting for pretty locals and doing the other type of pictures due to time constraints. But I will be doing ( some ) as soon as it warms up. We have a really pretty area that we have in mind :)  And plan on doing it soon. Trying to figure what dress to wear that's very Spring. What outfits do you have that you think you are going to wear first......For spring?  I had posted that I had  lost out on a dress because they were all sold out. So figured I wasn't going to find it if I didn't try.It's the Sun Shades Dress I was really excited about this one. It's so pretty. It kind of exudes Sunshine and happiness don't you think? It was not on sale for some reason over here never hit the sale price. They had SO many the first time I went I figured when they hit the sale there would be plenty. So I went back around the first part of March to check and see if they had been put on sale and they were all gone. All of them..I asked about the sale and the SA told me those dresses were really  popular and they had been selling out fast!! and they only had a size 2 in the  San Antonio store . I then decided to call  Austin they told me there was only 2 in Texas. The one I bought, And a size 2. So unfortunately I had to buy it *Wink*  I had previously checked  E Bay and they already had them at $189.00 Starting bid!! not too far from the price I paid but still a  bit pricey. So they were sending it today...I should be getting it soon. I think that is going to be "The One" for my pretty photo. Or the Surprise Dress I have in store  :) Send me some suggestions on what to wear it with? All of you are pretty great dressers and I'd love your feedback.  Hope you all have a wonderful day and let me know what you bought from your Wishlist  or are Lusting over. I still want  This Skirt.Grrrrrr :/
Have yourselves a really Happy day <3


  1. You are so cute in the Reed dress, I love it in the red plaid! Hooray for finding your Sun Shades Dress - I saw it featured in Lucky magazine and wonder if that contributed to it selling out even faster? Anyway, so glad I found your cute blog :)

  2. Oh My Goodness! Hi Jan, I am so happy you left me a comment :) I don't know what happened? maybe that's the reason. They had told me "No worries, We have tons" But I am happy to have found one. Again, Congratulations on your sweet baby! I am really excited for you. And following your on this new adventure, I cannot express how happy I am for you! You are Blessed. <3

  3. Hi Gabby! I love your shoes! They are so pretty:) I'm glad you found the Sun Shades dress. I haven't tried it on (yet), but it looks beautiful. Perfect for spring and for a fun photo shoot! I'm thinking about doing a 'current wishlist' post soon. The Tuilleries dress is definitely at the top of my wishlist right now!

  4. Hi Kristin :) Oh Yes! That dress suits you well. Really pretty dress covered in flowers. BY the way! I am loving your pictures :) You are l@@king really pretty Also, Like your locations. Awesome.I am so happy that you are venturing out. I haven't been able too :( So for now it's back to the old headless Horse-woman...LOL! Have a really Happy day <3

  5. Oh I do so love those shoes- I think there's no chance I'll ever come across them (and I think I'd love them completely if they didn't have the roses actually!!!)

    The sun shades dress will be so lovely with your dark hair! I'm glad you found one. I love the Summer grown dress, but I have the snow-covered fields dress from last spring that should tide me over!!

  6. Hi Sarah :) I just found these. But I really think they are so cute! You know? But then again I am talking to " The Queen " of shoes. You have the most beautiful shoes of anybody I've seen.
    And as far as your clothing? Same thing. You have impeccable taste. I wish I was a fly ;) I'd totally be living in your closet. Although that sounds kinda CREEPY now. Lol ;)
    Have a wonderful Friday!

  7. Hi Gabby,
    Yay for scoring that reed dress, it looks really cute with your Bouquet of Roses shoes, I have those too and ADORE em.
    wow on the price of the Sun Shades, it is a pretty dress and the colors will look great on you. I think it will look great with so many different colored cardis, it is super versatile. I'd maybe pair it w. a mint green cardi. As for me, I broke my bank account today and bought 3 items from my wish list, lol, I was very bad.

  8. Hi Lisa,
    wow! 3 Items? You were bad :) Oh well, I think we girls are all bad when it comes to our clothing. Like men and their Toy's. I hope you share your finds. As for my big purchase can't say I feel great about it because I would have opted for the sale price. I have a mint colored Cardigan! :) I decided to buy one when I saw Sarah from "The Damn Green Dress wearing one I thought I'd really like the fresh color. The Decade by decade Skirt also looks great with the Like colors. I am so IN LOVE with that Skirt. Hoping to get me Another very wanted Item. But as of today it's still $ 118.00. So I will be patient till then.

  9. Awww, Gabby, thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog and on Gigi's. I appreciate all your kind words. You made my day :) And I updated my post so you can see what I bought. hee-hee, I leave for Malaysia next week so I wanted to have some nice new pieces. I will miss you - my bloggie sista when I'm gone. And by the time I get back (in 4 weeks) your decade by decade skirt will probably be on sale and you'll be wearing it =) It's almost 2 am here so I better go to bed, have a good night. xoxo L

  10. Four weeks ?!! Wow. That's a long time. But have a wonderful time seeing your family. I am sure they are really looking forward to seeing you. We will miss you as well. But you work really hard. You've earned you well deserved break :)
    I'll miss you as well and will be happy to see you back! Blessings to your family on your trip. <3