Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Catalog- Anthropologie Mompos Dress

Hi Sweet ladies,
I just saw this dress, It's in the new catalog. ( The Mompos Dress ) and I am In Love!  Isn't it beautiful? I especially love the bow. I think this is going to be a big time expense on my part. But I don't see me not getting it. I am going to have to go try this beauty on when it get's here. The cost of this one is $228.00 so if any of you ladies are also thinking about purchasing it. Better start saving your pennies ;)   It's already made me forget a couple of things on my wish list. My anniversary is in May...So This is what I'm planning on wearing. Of course we shall see. Life happens and there are no guaranties right? I am a bit under the weather with all of our lovely pollen that sent me to the MD. yesterday. I feel terrible. Hope you are all having a great Wednesday <3


  1. That is such a gorgeous dress! I love it too and I can't wait to try it on! Feel better soon:)

  2. Thanks Kristin, Isn't it pretty? I think so :) It's just allergies but my nose looks like I'm Rudolf....LOL. But Thank You! <3

  3. oh, I hope the pollen season isn't too long! I get wicked headaches in spring and fall and haven't figured out how to bypass them...

    This dress is gorgeous- I think it's the pale blue that makes it extra special (and the sweet little belt)- I think this beauty will sell out quickly!

    I have my eye on the Plein Air dress, but would have to wait for sale if it were to happen!

  4. Hi Sarah :) Oh the misery! I hate Pollen :/ But I guess we must endure.LOL

    I love the little belt. The dress is super feminine.I hope they don't sell out too fast *Sad* I am in love I say!

    And The Plein Air Dress is made for you! It's would look lovely on your figure. And the colors are so beautiful,And I also like the little belt it comes with. I would even wear it in the fall with a great Orange colored cardigan. Great pick for a dress :)

  5. Super cute dress!

  6. Hi T, Yes, I like it. I just hope I can afford it :/